Orchestration of Financial Services On-demand

Latest News

Atos Spain, owner of OFION solution, and Atos Global Financial Service Market, responsible for Finlab operation, reached an agreement on the launch of joint promotional activities and interlinking respective web sites

Last December 11th , OFION had the pleasure to attend #InnovationDay18.

A space was reserved for some panelists with a common vision of the future of innovation, focused on education power to generate next era of digitalization and others such as OFION empowering companies and SMEs to jump beyond an immediate impact in technology market.

We had a stand dedicated to OFION where many people came over during the day interesting in our technology and to the business need that lead to the PoC development and the market we intend to offer solutions.
Thank you to all participants, visitors and our stand staff for giving support.

OFION project and invoice financing hub that has been launched in the project have been presented in Budapest.

Expanding Fintech Ecosystem was an event celebrated at EIT building in Madrid (8th November, 2018). From OFION side, we are proud to has been part of the session.

Solving cash problems in a rapid and easy way is the key challenge for SMEs. Invoice Financing Process Management as a Service, that connects and automates multi-cloud applications, is OFION’s answer to it.

Fintech organisations are changing the way invoice financing services are provided. However, trust and cost-optimisation remain obstacles for a wider adoption. Fintech cost-efficiency is increasingly relying on “mix and match” of different cloud   services. OFION combines several technologies with the intuitive business process management approach to create innovative Invoice Financing Hub. It reduces the gap between business requirements, such as time constraints, and the technical  implementations, such as connectivity to different clouds and Fintech services.

Target Markets

  • Small and medium enterprises from any sector or market
  • Cloud based service providers such as Fintechs, ERP or e-invoice
  • “Umbrella” type of organisations such as professional associations willing to play role of broker

Competitive Advantages

  • Reduce cost and complexity for Fintech onboarding in multi-cloud business process
  • Improve invoice financing for SMEs through process automation across whole value chain
  • Elevate level of trust and compliance

Road Map


  • Technology maturation focused on invoice factoring business process and pilot
  • Onboarding of Fintechs and Cloud service providers 
  • Design of additional invoice financing business processes (proof of concept) with the use of blockchain
  • Go to market for invoice factoring as an added-value offering to the existing e-invoice customers


  • Possible implementation of pilot related to PoC designed in 2018
  • Approaching other target markets and new customers

Status and Traction

  • Atos is business champion and is subcontracting Seres, an e-invoice company
  • ELTE and GFT are blockchain technology providers


Clara Pezuela


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