Thursday, November 8, 2018

Expanding Fintech Ecosystem was an event celebrated at EIT building in Madrid (8th November, 2018). From OFION side, we are proud to has been part of the session.

Nowadays, financial services in small and medium size enterprises have frequent cash flow and liquidity problems, financial services companies are looking for new opportunities where growing up and offer better and more individual solutions, reducing constraints like time, retention percentage. In this event, some experts has joined and shared different point of views, different ways to improve in financial services across innovation and technology.

The agenda was divided in three different sessions; introducing first the innovation in finance world by EIT Action Line Leader of Digital Finance; then a round table about Open Banking led by FinTech Spain and participated by different experts in this fintech ecosystem; and finally, the third one focused on OFION, a solution of ATOS to accelerate and innovate in financial systems, interconnecting separated services and showing a new win-win business model for all stakeholders.

We had the pleasure of welcoming many experts and professionals in finance sector from SERES, Finanzarel, SpaceWork, Novicap, Intrendia and Lendix (October). The collaboration and interest for coming made a successful day with lot of information and notes for future.

Thanks for coming!